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I don’t even know where to began to say enough good things about David and Sublime! From the very first time I met David I could see he loved what he does. Extremely professional and timely. At our first meeting he was willing to work with me and allowed me to make a down payment and pay for the package as I could. When we did our engagement session he did these different angles I had never seen before when I was looking up ideas. We got our engagement session back and I could have cried. Editly perfectly you couldn’t even have seen and hair that had blown in my face from the wedding. But what really stole the show was our wedding pictures. We got them back a couple days ago and you could say I am obsessed. I haven’t stopped looking at them! We should them to our venue Lange Farm and they immediately thought they were gorgeous! Many of our friends and coworkers thought that we could have be in ad they turned out so good. David is also very flexible he is open to you texting/emailing/calling and willing to talk you through the stress. One of my biggest fears was that my pictures wouldn’t turn out good because I feared I feel like there was a camera in my face the whole day but it was like that with David. If I had the choice I would let David photograph all our family photos, kids, etc because it just turns out so amazing. The wedding photos are what you have long after the day is over ! Remember you get what you pay for and you want amazing photos to look at for years to come! – Mallory and TJ

David & Courtney were great to work with. We didn’t want to work with a big nameless cookie cutter corporation and we really liked the energy they had as a couple from our first meeting. A big part of what worked so well was that we felt like they listened and were flexible and creative since we had our wedding outdoors in a park that did not have a very typical wedding setting and the timing and logistics (the wedding lasted the entire day since it involved a breakfast, a bus ride to and from the park and then the reception at our home) required strategy. They were also very patient when things from our planners side did not go as smoothly as we hoped. David was great at strategizing and setting up a timeline which helped us with planning the event. The photobooth was so much fun and even the older guests participated! We also enjoyed our engagement shoot – that definitely helped us feel comfortable in front of the camera on the big day. Having them take care of both video and photography took a huge burden off of our shoulders and given all of the moving pieces having cohesion really helped. Everyone, including us : ), has been oohhhing and ahhhing over both our engagement album and our wedding photos – the hard part will be deciding which ones to put in the official wedding album since there are so many awesome shots! Thanks so much David, Courtney & the Sublime team – you guys rock! – Carla and Barnett

As a bride of a destination wedding with no wedding planner, my number one goal was trying to find excellent wedding photographers. To me, it was so important to have our wedding documented by photographs so I could relive the memories of our wedding for a lifetime. I found Sublime Studios on The kNot and instantly fell in love with their skill and photography. They did not disappoint when it came to our wedding photos. I could not have been more pleased with who we picked as our wedding photographers. Not only were the pictures phenomenal, David and Courtney were so sweet and helpful the day of the wedding. The first time we ever met face to face was teh wedding day. David photographed the entire wedding while Courtney ran out photobooth, which was so much fun! They even do wedding videos, which I know I wont be let down when we get ours! Thank you so much Sublime Studios! – Melissa and Joe

I recent got married in the beautiful Turks & Caicos. Sublime Photo did and excellent job. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a local photographer as well as for a destination. I wanted to make sure all the details of my special day were captured in order to share with my friends & family that were not able to make it. David and Courtney provide us with great photos and a very good video. They were amazing to work with, always willing to answer and questions and to provide as much as detail as possible. It goes a long way that I was able to work with such an amazing team to help cherish those special moments. Hands down anyone looking for a great photographer and/or videographer for a destination wedding I would recommend Sublime Studios Photography!!! – Jamie and Corey

David and Courtney are incredible! We used them for both photography and videography and we could not have been happier. We have over 1000 photos to choose from and there is not a single photo we didn’t love! There also was not one photo that I’d dreamed of that they didn’t make a reality. They are so patient and efficient in rouding everyone up for photos while remaining polite and professional. They were so efficient we finished with photos 20 min early! Let the party begin! And everyone had a great time with the photobooth! They were always extremely responsive throughout the whole process up to, during, and after the wedding day. Book them now! You won’t be sorry! Seven months after our wedding and we still scroll through our photos and are absolutely in love. – Heather and Devon

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we needed to book photography & videography at the last minute and Sublime was able to accommodate our needs. The pre-wedding video chats and planning sessions went very well, during which time we are able to combine our vision and requests with David’s artistic and professional opinions. It was very helpful that Sublime are veterans at working with/at the Watercolor Resort in Santa Rosa, Fl. Knowledge of the key personnel, property layout, and typical sequences was invaluable for planning and execution of the day’s events.

Initially we were not interested in doing a first-look shoot (due the relative ‘cheesiness’ of others we viewed online through various portals) but after discussion with David we opted in favor. This was one of the best decisions for the day as it achieved several objectives: fully utilized the property’s outdoor spaces and perfect weather to get great shots, was a wise use of the photographers’ time (we had them for 8-9 hours and were underutilizing them in the original schedule), and most importantly the first look, done our way, allowed us to create very memorable and intimate moments prior to the ceremony. Since the first look lead straight into pre-ceremony time, schedule was important and we promptly hit all time-based milestones of the day.

The ceremony itself was held on the beach and we were very lucky with the sunset. David and his professional crew captured great photos during the event and some very dramatic post-ceremony shots, all highlighting the natural beauty of a sunset on the coast. David’s editing perfectly brought out the blue of the water and orange hues in the sky. Seeing some of these amazing images was a real thrill. We have yet to see our videos, but are confident they will capture our wedding memories poignantly.

David’s before and after wedding services were also professional, efficient, and reassuring. We have another wedding ceremony in Singapore and David is working hard to get our photos and videos ready for that. We are really appreciative. Those few stunning sunset shots are going to be the key photos at our overseas ceremony.

All-in-all we are very pleased with our choice to use Sublime Studios and would highly recommend. The photographers/videographers were professional, non-intrusive, and schedule-aware. Sublime Studios is one of the few that does both photography and videography. Having both services under the same roof is more cost efficient, the teams are adept at working together, and it makes the coordination and flow of the wedding day so much smoother. We are both quite critical people and are extremely happy with the product. Stellar job, Sublime Studios! – Victoria and Kevin

My husband, Nathan, and I had a difficult time finding a photographer and videographer vendor for our October wedding in St. George Island, FL….until we met David & Courtney Craver from Sublime Studios. They were very friendly, down to earth, responsive, and could give us everything we were looking for. We had issues with other photographers/videographers who didn’t respond to our emails/voicemails or were limited in the services they could provide or even attempted to charge us an additional $2500 just for their travel!

David & Courtney arranged to come to us (a few hours away) to go over all of their services as well as the photo albums they offer. With all of the stress that comes with planning a wedding, they were a breath of fresh air and put us at ease when we found out they could take care of all of our photo & video needs….including a crazy photo booth! Our guests couldn’t get enough of the crazy booth and we have all of the pics to prove it too. Working with such a wonderful husband and wife team like David and Courtney on the day we became husband and wife made our day even more special. They took the lead and captured all of the wedding shots that we requested and a LOT more that we didn’t….which are some of our favorite shots. They were creative and fun with not only us but the rest of the wedding party and all of our guests too. I would like to mention that the rest of the crew who assisted David & Courtney were incredible and they all worked extremely hard and very well together.
When we were able to see the results of their AMAZING work (which was exactly 8 weeks later as promised), we were blown away by the incredible shots they got and were able to re-live every moment together. Our guests really appreciated being able to access all of their photos and order any shots they wanted too. We are now working on our photo album with David and Courtney and should be getting our video from them any day now. We look forward to seeing the results of the album and video so we can share our special day with our loved ones forever….or just watch it alone together on our future anniversaries. Although we were initially concerned about the cost, it was worth EVERY penny and we couldn’t have asked for a better team or better results!! Sublime Studios is our first choice in professional photography and we highly recommend to pick them for your wedding in FL!! – Jessie and Nathan

David and Courtney were such an amazing couple to work with on our wedding day! They captured our wedding day perfectly, while at the same time remained very unintrusive and respectful! Once our wedding photos were released, I couldn’t believe how beautiful they were. Every single picture was a beautiful picture, and their candid shots did a great job capturing the feelings of the day. Would HIGHLY recommend them for any bride/groom’s wedding photographers. – Leanne and Drew

We were BEYOND pleased with the professionalism and efficiency of David from Sublime Studios and I can’t imagine loving my wedding pictures more!!! He did a spectacular job and I would recommend him to anyone! – Amanda and Andrew

I had the honor to work with Sublime for our engagement shot and our wedding and it was the BEST decision I had ever made. David and Courtney are honestly the best photographers I have ever seen. They are very skilled, efficient, extremely competent and creative. When I received my photos, I was blown away at the talent they had and they managed to capture every special moment. It’s been two months since my wedding and I’m still getting compliments every day on my pictures. I have had multiple future brides asking for their number because they can’t get over how amazing my pictures turned out and they want the same on their special day! David and Courtney are friendly, high-energy people with a great sense of humor. There isn’t one thing I would change and I’m very thankful to have been referred to them. Any couple will be happy to have Sublime Studios on their special day! – Julie and Rob

David and Courtney of sublime studios photograph were absolutely fantastic! Not only are they they great at making everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera and very kind and friendly, their photographs are of the highest quality. Everyone complimented my husband and I on our wedding photos saying – you look like models in a magazine. They did a truly fantastic job! I would trust them with any event, knowing that the end result would be spectacular. Check out their online portfolio and let their photos speak for themselves! They are truly amazing. Karen and Andrew

We used Sublime photography for our August wedding. We could not be happier with the outcome. Courtney was so professional, and made us feel extremely comfortable while taking our photos. She had a list in her head of all the different poses, so I didn’t have to think about anything except looking beautiful. Her and her husband were able to take so many beautiful pictures of us at our ceremony, with so many different poses. We got a photobooth for the reception, and the guests absolutely loved it!!! The pictures were printed instantly, and the quality was incredible!!! We just got all of our photos, and it was worth the wait! It takes about 8 weeks to get your photos all edited. They came out perfectly. So many amazing photos to choose from for our wedding album. The pictures were some of the best quality wedding photos I’ve ever seen. Thank you guys for capturing the most incredible day of my life. – Rhonda and Ryan

David and Courtney of sublime studios photograph were absolutely fantastic! Not only are they they great at making everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera, their photographs are breathtakingly gorgeous. Everyone complimented my husband and I on our wedding and engagement photos saying – “you both look like models in a magazine” and “this photo looks like it belongs in a magazine!” They did a truly fantastic job! I would trust them with any event, knowing that the end result would be spectacular. Check out their online portfolio and let their photos speak for themselves! They are truly amazing. – Kaley and Brandon

I only had a few months to plan my wedding and I am really picky about pictures and videography. I must of contacted over 15 different photographers and 15 different videographers before I found Sublime Studios. Some of the others provided both services, but either one was great and I wasn’t impressed with the other service, ridiculously overpriced and I really wanted the same vendor doing both. When I found Sublime Studios and looked at their website, pictures, videos and photo booth I was in love- and this was probably the pickiest thing I was about- and also needed to have a reasonable budget. Other Vendors were so rediculousy expensive and not even that great. When I spoke to David, I immediately knew they were going to be a part of our special day (and his beautiful wife courtney). I explained in detail what I wanted and he was able to remember it all. I met up with him and his wife in person and they were so down to early and so amazing. I immediately booked them for all three services and compared to others, not only where they better (our engagement shoot proves it, but they were soo reasonably priced I was shocked. Their photo booth also is soo much better than others that I’ve seen. It was the biggest hit at the wedding and it was the first pictures my guests put on Facebook. You don’t get crappy pics, you get high quality pictures that are printed right there for you. It was AMAZING!! They are such a great team, you don’t even have to tell them what you want as far as pictures, they know, and they make sure everything is just perfect!!! They are also so fun and down to earth and didn’t get stressed with us one bit. We are so excited to see our pictures, and video and our guest photo booth pics.. Their crew was amazing and so great and it worked so well because they did both video and photography and they even have someone running the photo booth which I never seen. I am so happy that it didn’t work out with any other Vendor and found them. You will not be disappointed and will love them!!! and get the photo booth, your guests will go crazy over it!!!!!! Thank you David and Courtney and your crew, you really were amazing and we are so excited to for the final results!!! – Suzie and Mark

Having a destination wedding takes so much stress out of having to do the planning yourself. The one thing I was concerned about was the photography. While Sandals offers a photography package, I was not able to review any of the photographers personal photo’s until I was on site. This left me with an uneasy feeling as I had seen other people’s photo’s and was not impressed. I decided to contact Sublime Studio’s. This by far was one of the best decision’s I have ever made. I was very fortunate that Courtney Craver agreed to travel with us to St. Lucia. I had absolutely no idea how much detail was involved. Courtney asked me for a copy of my schedule. I replied, “What schedule? I get my hair and make-up done at 1:00pm and get married at 4:00pm”. God Bless her for coming to the rescue. She did all the planning as to who was going to get ready with who and at what time and what location. She ran all over the resort capturing those precious moments. I was so surprised when I saw the pictures. Her attention to detail is absolutely incredible. The pictures turned out amazing! By the end of the day all the staff at the resort knew her by name. I also have to mention that while my husband and I were standing out on some rocks in the water, he noticed I lost my deceased mother’s diamond ring that was tied to my bouquet. My heart pounded as I ran down the beach looking for her ring. Courtney put down her camera, got into the water and started lifting and relocating 50lb rocks as the tide was ripping through. She found my Mother’s ring! She saved the day in more ways than one! If you are looking for someone who is extremely talented who is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty than Courtney Craver is the woman for you! P.S. My friends all commented on my photo’s saying that they should be on the cover a Magazine! – Tori and Anthony

David did a great job helping me stay under my tight budget for our wedding. He still helped me make sure I got everything I needed photographed. It was nice because I had no idea what “shots” I needed. He was very professional and helpful. He knew exactly what I wanted without me even having to ask, even during the time while I was getting ready. The pictures turned out perfect! – Catherine and Ian

Sublime Studios is an amazing company! Of all of my wedding vendors, they were my favorite. From my first phone call to them and up until the end of my wedding day, they were very helpful and professional. Unfortunately it rained on my wedding day, and most of our wedding photos had to be captured inside, but David and his crew were still able to capture some beautiful shots. His company sat up a slide show of our morning candids and the photos were breathtaking. I am also very glad I chose their videography package. It was such a surprise to learn that the videographer had interviewed our family and guests. This company made my wedding day unforgettable. My husband and I are happy with our whole experience with them. I can’t wait to see the video and all of the photos! I will definitely be using Sublime Studios in the future. – Belle and Mike

David & Courtney did such an amazing job! They did our beautiful engagement pictures and the wedding for photo, video, and a crazy booth (their version of a photo booth!). They are great people to work with, efficient, highly professional, and highly skilled! We had an outdoor wedding on the beach, so finding a photographer who is skilled in natural lighting was crucial! They were amazing! I highly recommend them! – Becca and John

This husband and wife team is the ONLY photographers I will ever call on again! Not only was their cost fair, I got so many extras for nothing (including a running slideshow of the getting ready photos during the reception) David and Courtney are so laid back, they just make you feel like you are all friends hanging out, and the quality of the photos are AMAZING! They come back quickly and it’s nice to own the rights to the photos. My engagement photos were so unique and were done by David and my wedding photos were done by Courtney…they both captured those sweet moments between my husband and I that I didn’t even know were being photographed! I would use them again, no matter what the cost! – Kristin and Kyle

This was by far the best decision we made in regards to our wedding. David was phenomenal at capturing who we are. From the back alley engagement shoot that many people thought we had traveled to europe for, to the incredible wedding day photos, he is by far one of the best in the business. We recommend him to anyone looking for unforgettable photos! – Lydia and Justin